Residence of Kannan Srinivasan Embellished with Aludecor ACP Sheets

//Residence of Kannan Srinivasan Embellished with Aludecor ACP Sheets

Residence of Kannan Srinivasan Embellished with Aludecor ACP Sheets

Aludecor composite panels have dramatically evolved over the years. From solid metallic shades to textured ACPs, like Sand or 3D finish ACPs, Aludecor has come a long way. Here is a real-life example showcasing how the ACP sheets as a cladding material can transform the look of a house.

The residential project of Mr. Kannan Srinivasan, one of the Aludecor’s dealers in Madurai, redecorated his house with Aludecor’s Aluminium Composite Panels. The elegant, dazzling look of ACPs and its varied shades provided an extraordinary look to the rooms of the residential building.

This residence of Kannan Srinivasan is embellished with different series of ACPs manufactured by the company. The building façade, as well as ceiling areas in the exterior of Kannan’s residence, is cladded with TR-46 Classico Pine of the Aludecor Timber Series.

3D finish ACP Cortina used in ceiling

An extensive and breathtaking range of ACPs has been widely used in the interiors of the building as well. From false ceilings, cabinets to TV backdrops, Aludecor composite panels have been used all over. The false ceilings have been ingeniously mismatched combining different series’ and colours.

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While the false ceiling of one of the rooms has been cladded with a combination of Sparkling White and Cinnamon from the Sparkling Series, the others have been clad using Java Teak from the Timber Series ACP. Likewise, the false ceiling of the kid’s room has been done using a combination of shades from the sparkling series.

The modular kitchen of Mr. Kanan Srinivasan made with Aludecor ACP sheets

The modular kitchen of the house has been done using Sparkling Red, Sparkling Black, and Butler Steel. The racks in the house for showcasing artefacts or books is cladded with the Zebrawood Shade of Wood-like ACP sheets. The cabinets in the kid’s room have been done with the Mayuri shade from Aludecor’s Magik series. A similar application of Aludecor Aluminium Composite Panels can be seen in various parts of the house including beds, cupboards, the swing and more.

Residence of Kanan Srinivasan embellished with Aludecor ACP

Kannan has strong reasons to choose Aludecor ACP sheets over other materials for his house. He feels that Aluminium Composite Panels as a building material are long lasting, pesticide-free, waterproof and has better finish compared to ply or mica. Even the promoter of his building was so impressed using Aludecor’s product, that he wished to use ACPs in his next project as well.

A lovely and colourful house is sure to bring smiles to the whole family.

Click the link below to see how Aluminium Composite Panel has transformed the look of Kannan Srinivasan’s House –

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