How Good is ACP Sheet as a Façade, Interior and Signage Material?

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How Good is ACP Sheet as a Façade, Interior and Signage Material?

Aluminium composite panels are a new age material. They are sandwich panels made out of aluminium sheets on both sides, bonded by a core in the middle, known as polyethylene. ACPs are extensively used as cladding materials in modern architecture.

Aludecor 3d Facade used in Narsons furniture, Delhi

5 years back it was a material used only for IT Hubs, hospitals, malls, and other commercial buildings and had limited colours and finishes. But the material has evolved over the years. A lot of finishes and textures have been introduced and Aludecor has been one of the pioneers in that. Aludecor offers a host of finishes and textures in ACPs like Timber, Sand, Rustic, 3D finish ACPs and so on. ACPs are also used for interior applications like false ceilings, modular kitchens, kitchen cabinets, and decorative wall panels. Moreover, it is also the most preferred material for the signage or the corporate identity design industry.

Types of ACPs used for facades, interiors, and signage:-

Exterior usages of ACP Sheets:

Thanks to Aludecor, you can now choose from myriads of colours and textures offered by the company. From wood to stone, sand to rustic and even 3D finish ACPs, all are now available as cladding materials for building facades. Aludecor even offers their specially designed brushed series ACPs. With the help of its formidable in-house R&D team, Aludecor has come up with A2 grade fire retardant ACP that has fireproof properties close to metals. The company has not restricted itself to aluminium composite panels only but has widened its range with zinc and copper composite panels.

  • ACPs are the most flexible materials with no crack risks.
  • They have unmatched flatness and highest gloss retention.
  • They are lead-free and recyclable too.
  • These ACPs can be used on facades, soffit areas, columns, and canopies.

Aludecor ACP sheets used in Zamra International Convention and Exhibition Centre-Ernakulam

Aludecor ACPs are also available in 6mm thickness. These 6mm thick ACP sheets come under Ace series and are available in 16 wood finishes and 2 stone finishes. Aludecor’s Ace series are borer, termite and fungi proof. These innovative ACPs are UV and chemical resistant. They are much more flexible and lighter than HPL. The Ace series ACPs can be used in both interiors and exteriors.

Interior usages of ACP Sheets:

Aluminium Composite panels are used as wall claddings for office interiors, residences and even retail shops. Apart from Timber, Pedra, Sand, Rustic or 3D finish Cortina Series ACPs, Aludecor’s Mirror series is specially designed for interior applications. These mirror finish ACPs are available in three variants: solid, striped and sparkling striped. These innovative ACPs used as:

  • Decorative wall claddings in the interior
  • Modular kitchens,
  • False ceilings
  • Furniture and skylights

 Aludecor ACP panels used in modular kitchen of the Vermas, Ropar

Moreover, Aludecor’s specially researched and designed Anti-bacterial ACPs, AG+ is best suited for interior usages like hospitals, pathological labs, playschools, washrooms, spas, and even fitness clubs. Keeping aside the wide usage of ACPs in interiors of buildings, modern-day ACPs is also sometimes used to clad cars and buses.

ACP sheet claddings for Corporate Signage:

Aluminium Composite Panels are considered the most desired materials for corporate signage or corporate identity design, as they are flexible and have a better finish and design viability compared to flex, vinyls, acrylics etc. Aludecor ACPs’ lightweight, durability and easy fabrication properties add to the benefits of using ACP for the signage industry.

  • Signboards,
  • Totems,
  • Free-standing displays,
  • POP Items

 Asian Paints signage in Mumbai

All these above items can be made with the help of ACPs. Although ACPs are available in a wide range of shades and textures, the major problem faced by the ACP industry is lack of awareness about the product itself and the right method of installation. To overcome these problems and to increase awareness about the product and its installation methods, Aludecor organizes various activities and meets with the fabricator and architect communities. The company also spreads awareness through its newsletter, The Adorner, and digital platforms.

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