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Learning marketing at Aludecor. I love to travel and shoot (with my DSLR of course). Food enthusiast as well. When I am not doing all those, I love to work passionately. An avid learner and a passionate marketer with a special drive to strategize & implement effective Integrated Marketing Solutions led by Analytics & ROI. Deep believer in the philosophy "Business has only two functions - Marketing & Innovation."

Minimizing Environmental Impact

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In the Aludecor Chit Chat organized by Architecture + Design magazine on 23 March 2018 at Hilton Hotel in Mumbai, top architects spoke their hearts out on moving towards a sustainable habitat. The eminent architects deliberated and laid emphasis on the sustainable building practices that can minimize impact on the environment and resources. Today traditional [...]

On What We Gained in the Evening of Losing the CNBC Award

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For those few moments, we had our hearts in our mouths when Shruti Mishra of CNBC named Aludecor as one of the 5 nominees. Seconds later came the announcement ‘and the winner is HD Fire Protect…’ We missed it! The best SME trophy at the CNBC Emerging India Awards had gone to someone else. It took [...]

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