Vertical Gardens: The Gardens of our Cities Tomorrow

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Vertical Gardens: The Gardens of our Cities Tomorrow

On this Earth Day let’s see how vertical gardens – which are habitats of small wildlife species like birds and insects, and thus contribute directly towards protecting our species (the topic of the year) – make our living environment much better.

Vertical gardens can be created on building facades and on the walls of the interiors. These gardens fit perfectly to the space conservation needs of our cities today.

Besides beautifying a cityscape, vertical gardens serve the purpose of cleaning the air and also providing a tranquil atmosphere in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a city by absorbing the background noise.

Vertical Garden inspiration. Shade used here: TR-02 Country Pine

We can have a wonderful combination of vertical gardens and aluminium composite panels for facades and interior wall claddings. These gardens need a constant supply of water and hence the materials they should be combined with the need to be waterproof. ACPs are waterproof.

Vertical gardens can remove volatile organic compounds or VOCs and carbon dioxide from the air inside our homes. Thus, if maintained properly, they become breeding grounds for helpful microorganisms.

Compared to horizontal gardens, the circulating water in vertical gardens evaporates less. Thus, in drier climates, vertical gardens work better than horizontal gardens.

They also contribute towards cooling a building by providing shade and creating a dead air space on the exterior cladding which help in insulation. Moreover, by evaporating a lot of water from the leaves, the vegetation reduces the adjoining air temperatures. Vertical gardens are also considered lightweight and don’t add much on to the load on the existing walls.

In the two inspirational images shown here, we have shown combinations between Aludecor’s metal composite panels and vertical gardens.

In the first picture, we have used Pigmento Blue from our Zinc composite panel series to balance out the vibrancy of the greens in the honeycomb pattern. In the second picture, TR-02 Country Pine from our Timber Series is shown to create a heart-warming contrast with the vegetation.

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