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Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities

There’s a place in our hearts called love. It’s love that binds us together to create a better world. Aludecor has lent support to the Inclusive Education Project (IEP) and sanitation of Serampore Cheshire Home in West Bengal. Cheshire Homes India is a 58-year-old organisation that works for differently abled people. The Inclusive Education Project was introduced in 2008 at the Serampore Cheshire Home.

Covering parts of the Hooghly district, this project identifies children with disabilities, trains them and eventually helps induct them into mainstream schooling and society.

Designing a better future with the Inclusive Education Project (IEP).

It begins with door-to-door surveys in which differently-abled children between the age of 3 and 12 years are identified. During the initial days, this proved to be a daunting task but the situation has improved over the years. A representative counsels the parents of special children about the need for their wards to receive special education and therapeutic intervention. Most importantly the need to enroll in a normal school with general children.

Differently-abled children at Cheshire Home, Kolkata

At the Home, the children are assessed against a checklist and accordingly the types of training, therapy, and support required are decided upon. After a little grooming, the children are admitted to the general primary schools. Regular follow-ups help prevent dropouts.

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Cheshire Home educates the teachers of the general schools too on handling and teaching the differently abled children. Getting the schools to agree to admit the special children was not easy initially. With the parents, the schools and the society at large has grown more aware over the years, the scenario has changed remarkably.

The children are assessed against a checklist and accordingly the types of training, therapy and support required are decided upon.

There have been dramatic turnarounds in the majority of the children and their parents after coming under the tutelage of the Serampore Cheshire Home. Of the 42 schools in Serampore, the Simla Primary School was the first school where children under the IEP were admitted. The differently abled children are making their schools proud too.


Children and parents under the IEP are also trained at the resource centres of schools along with the special children identified from other sources by the special educators of the Sarva Shiksha Mission of the West Bengal Government.

Let’s keep contributing in our own little ways towards making the world a better place.

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