Aludecor ACP Comes out Best in Combination with One Another

//Aludecor ACP Comes out Best in Combination with One Another

Aludecor ACP Comes out Best in Combination with One Another

Aludecor Regular Series ACP shades used in the building

Make your building look vibrant and colourful by using different colour combinations. You can use different shades of ACPs on each sunshade of your building instead of painting, to give an electrifying look. In this image an amalgamation of AD-42 Light Blue, AD-12 Yellow, AD-504 Asian Red, AD-52 Bright Green and AD-701 Metallic Gold of Aludecor’s Regular series has been shown.

Aludecor Timber Series Shades Used in the Building

For buildings like Libraries, auditoriums etc., Aludecor’s timber shades can be used to add warmth to the façade. In this image a combination of TR-39 Zebrawood Dark and TR-30 Cocoa Teak of Aludecor’s Timber series has been shown.

Aludecor’s AD 202-Milky White Shade

Office interiors go a long way in affecting the brand image of the company. The conference room in an office is one of the most important areas. This is a space where most important decisions might be taken and visitors are met with.  A classy look can be achieved for the conference room with black ceiling by adding a contrasting look to it with Aludecor’s AD 202-Milky White on the beams.

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