Reflections Redefined: 6 amazing Mirrored Architectures across the World

//Reflections Redefined: 6 amazing Mirrored Architectures across the World

Reflections Redefined: 6 amazing Mirrored Architectures across the World

Architecture is an ever-evolving subject globally. Some buildings are known for their architectural charm, others for their historic significance. For the most part, it is a healthy mix of both.

Art-inspired architectures come in all forms but one of the rising trends over the past five years is mirrored architecture. Mirror has been hugely experimented with over the years, both for the exteriors as well as interiors.
When used in the interiors, mirrors create an illusion of space and makes confined places look spacious. For the exteriors, the possibilities are boundless. From floating cubes to mirrored houses, the mirror has been hugely experimented with. Let us take a look at few of the world’s mirrored architecture that has wowed people far and wide.

  • EU headquarters in Brussels:
    Architecture studio COBE and BRUT are set to redesign the entrance to the European UN headquarters, with a reflective doughnut-shaped canopy. The reflective metal canopy is made up of concentric circles that gently step down towards the centre. “Here all citizens of the EU will be under one roof”, said COBE founder Dan Stubbergaard.

  • The Mirrorcube in Sweden:
    This floating cube in Sweden’s Treehotel property is a classic example of innovation that can be achieved with mirrors. The structure is made with an aluminium frame around a tree trunk with reflective glass. The mirror cube has been constructed by architects Tham and Videgard Bolle. This hotel room is available on a twin-sharing basis and guests can enjoy the six window’s stunning panoramic view.

  • The Almost ‘Invisible’ School, Spain:
    Spanish architecture studio ABLM has come up with a candy coloured school in Salamanca, Spain that gives an illusion of disappearing into the sky. Reflective mirror with strips of vibrant colourful ceramics has been combined in the school façade to give it the unique look. The almost ‘invisible’ material is a composite aluminium sheet with a highly reflective finish.

  • ‘Mirage’ in Coachella Valley’s Desert Landscape:
    The idea conceived and executed by Architect Doug Aitken is part of an outdoor exhibition of art installations across the Coachella Valley and its desert landscape. It is a typical California ranch style house totally clad in reflective mirrored surfaces. Aitken’s ‘mirage’ acts as a life-size kaleidoscope, reflecting the vast, arid landscape. Throughout the day, the ‘mirage’ provides a range of unique experience for the viewers. During daytime, the blue skies and floating clouds with a burst of colours get reflected in the façade and at night, the lights at the distance create a starry effect.

  • Mirrored New York Office Space:
    Only If Architecture is a New York firm that has avoided contemporary office stereotype while designing a mirror-filled space. The renovation job in Midtown Manhattan encompasses open workspaces, closed offices, and a showroom area made of modular rolling elements. The back of the office has a showroom area, where four large mirror-finish display cases can be reconfigured for different uses.

  • Mirror in Bathrooms:
    The possibilities that can be achieved with mirrors in the Bathroom are endless. Mirrors can be hugely experimented with in the bathroom space and when used creatively it provides both depth and visual interest.


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