Benefits of Using Aludecor Copper Composite Panel

//Benefits of Using Aludecor Copper Composite Panel

Benefits of Using Aludecor Copper Composite Panel

Copper has been linked to the architecture of all types of structures since yesteryears. One of the prominent examples of copper-cladding architecture is the massive doors to the temple of Amun-Re at Karnak in Egypt. Even, the 162-feet-tall, 9-storeyed Loha Maha Paya temple of Sri Lanka was built with copper roof shingles in the 3rd century B.C. Copper was an integral part of the European medieval architecture. Nowadays, architects are finding innovative and new ways of using copper in the modern designs.

From providing a pleasant appearance to its excellent ability to resist corrosion, copper has been experimented with and used in the field of Architecture for centuries. In the present-day scenario where new designs, styles, shapes, and textures are a concern, materials like copper fit in well.

Copper as a building material has a few benefits. It is durable, antibacterial and sustainable. It can be used as the cladding material for the exteriors of a building and also for interior wall paneling. Keeping this in mind, Aludecor (the biggest manufacturer and supplier of Aluminium Composite Panels in India) introduced Copper Composite Panels (CCP) for the first time in India.

Aludecor Copper Composite Panel Benefits

  1. CCP comes with unmatched flatness and durability.
  2. The CCP can be easily bent to adapt to any design.
  3. The CCP sheets can be made fire-retardant.
  4. Copper composite panels are highly recyclable and environment-friendly, which enables CCP cladded buildings to qualify for LEED points.
  5. The patina formation property of copper retains its natural beauty and curtails the expense on paints.

Benefits of Copper Composite Panel

CCP combines the natural beauty of copper along with the qualities typical of Aludecor products viz. flatness, durability, ease of fabrication and cost-effectiveness. Just installed, CCP gives the magnificent copper colour. Exposed to weather, the copper panel undergoes delightful transformation in colour, finally culminating into patina spots; this feature of the CCP’s is something that’s very close to architects’ hearts.

A project by Aludecor where CCP has been used

Research ascertains that copper is a powerful antimicrobial metal, with efficacy against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

A range of copper alloys such as brass and bronze share the same benefit and are collectively known as ‘Antimicrobial Copper’. In clinical areas or hospital rooms, antimicrobial copper gives superb protection against microbes.

Aludecor CCP is CU+ certified by the International Copper Association, which makes it a great choice for the spaces where health is a priority. With all the benefits of composite panels, CCP sheets can easily lend itself to the classic and modern designs.

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