6 Wonders of Fire Retardant ACP Cladding Sheets

//6 Wonders of Fire Retardant ACP Cladding Sheets

6 Wonders of Fire Retardant ACP Cladding Sheets

Better safe than sorry. The age-old proverb still holds good when it comes to preventing accidents. Minimizing the potential loss caused due to a fire incident is vital. Fire accidents don’t just cause financial loss, but they also claim lives.

Any building is vulnerable to a fire break out. Maintaining safety measures during construction can prevent major damage. The main objective should be to build a structure resistant enough to ward off fire threats and in case of a fire outbreak slows down the resulting hazards. For this reason, usage of fire-rated building materials is extremely important that helps determine the fire rating of a building.

Aluminium Composite Panels are modern building materials that are design-friendly, durable, and strong yet lightweight. Available in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes, Aludecor ACPs can also be made fire retardant.

Here are 6 reasons why a building deserves fire-retardant (FR) ACPs:

  1. Does not produce toxic gases – In case of fire, deaths mostly happen due to the toxic gases released from building materials. The occupants often fall prey to gases which are a combination of CO & CO2. Fire Retardant ACPs do not produce toxic gases.
  2. Suppresses Smoke – Too much of smoke can cause a stampede due to blurry vision. The FR-grade ACPs emit negligible smoke that makes evacuation easier.
  3. No molten/flaming droplets – Fire-retardant ACPs do not form molten/flaming droplets which contribute to panic among the occupants and may result into stampedes.
  1. Low heat release – FR ACPs do not release too much of heat that contributes to spreading of fire.
  1. Non-Combustible Core – Aludecor’s Firewall has a mineral core that is a mixture of magnesium hydroxide (MDH) – a non-halogenated material having high decomposition temperature – and Polyethylene (PE). MDH delays the transformation of PE from solid to plastic (the point of ignition) up to 360°C, by releasing water molecules and bringing down the temperature continuously.
  1. Doesn’t disintegrate from the façade – Fire retardant ACP don’t come off the façade when water is sprayed through the fire hose

For the construction of any structure, industrial or non-industrial, taking protective measures against possible hazards is the thumb rule. And meeting the requirements of fire regulations is a priority. Even for renovation – interior or exterior – using Aludecor fire-rated materials (ACPs) is a wise choice.

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