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Smart, Innovative Architectural Designs for Schools

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While discussing the future of facades or innovative architecture, many of us tend to think mostly about IT Parks or large-scale projects designed by using smart techniques and new-age materials. However, least do we concentrate on the common day-to-day structures that could also be designed uniquely. For example, schools. We can certainly look beyond multi-story [...]

The Adorner: Interview with Husseiin Z. Chiniwala, Director of Alfa Façade Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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#FabTalk Husseiin Z. Chiniwala, a specialized Aluminium façade contractor and one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of architectural aluminium systems. Where do you see ACP 5 years down the line? Applications of ACP have widened a lot, and have extended beyond façade applications. Husseiin Z. Chiniwala, Director of Alfa Façade Systems [...]

PVDF Paints with 70:30 Ratio Ensures High Weatherability

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Fluropolymers like Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) has a real edge as a coating material that helps in protecting the ACP surfaces from external adversities. Acrylic resin is one of the common ingredients found in commercial PVDF coating formulation. Particular acrylic resins are thermodynamically miscible with PVDF and the acrylic properties complement the highly inert PVDF resin... [...]

Remodel the Interior Wall Textures with Aludecor ACPs

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If you are bored looking at the interiors of your house or business and is planning a complete redesigning of the same, we can help you suggest some of the splendid designing options that’ll not only revamp the monotonous look of your spaces but also impress your guests. The top-tier interior design work includes enhancing [...]

The Adorner: Architecture in India, 5 Years Down the Line

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#ArchiSpeak One of the top architects in the country, Mr. Niteen Parulekar has been shaping iconic buildings on his experimental innovations for almost three decades. Following are excerpts of an interview with him. Careful balance between innovation, creativity & economics Innovation or creativity comes from necessity. Mr. Niteen Parulekar, Design Principal, Niteen [...]

6 Wonders of Fire Retardant ACP Cladding Sheets

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Better safe than sorry. The age-old proverb still holds good when it comes to preventing accidents. Minimizing the potential loss caused due to a fire incident is vital. Fire accidents don’t just cause financial loss, but they also claim lives. Any building is vulnerable to a fire break out. Maintaining safety measures during [...]

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