Smart City – Kochi

//Smart City – Kochi

Smart City – Kochi

Name of the Project- Smart City Kochi
Location – Kochi Kerala
ACP Used – AL45 Aludecor Firewall (Fire Rated ACP)
Speciality of the Project – LEED Platinum Rated Smart City, IT Building Complex, Kochi
Architect – B+H
Façade Consultant– Synergy
Fabricator – Sherbrooke Aluminium Products

Energy consumption in building segment is rising at a faster rate due to rapid urbanization. In India building accounts for 10% of total greenhouse gas emission. Insulation has an immediate impact on reducing total energy demand and reducing greenhouse gas emission.

Owing to the hot and humid climate of the Indian Sub-Continent, building insulation is gradually gaining popularity. Smart City, Kochi, a joint venture IT project between TEECOM (Dubai Holdings) and the Government of Kerala, is one such project where Audecor fire-rated ACPs have been used by Sherbrooke of Kochi, to manufacture sandwiched insulated panels for the façade and the skylight.

The walls are clad with double glazed high-performance glass and Aluminum Composite Panels with a 75 mm extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Rigid Foam insulation layer in between. The insulation material from Owen Corning has been sandwiched between ACP sheets of 4 mm on each side. Also, the skylight is designed in a way that almost 75 percent direct heat and glare is avoided to the main IT Park lobby below. Aludecor’s ACP sheets were used to make the insulation panels. Moreover, ACP fairs better in coastal climate than steel. Also, owing to its lightweight, ACP has an added advantage. Building insulation provides an array of economic and environmental benefits. High standards of thermal insulation offer a practical and cost-effective means of reducing electricity consumption. 70% to 80% energy loss takes place through facades. Insulated façades will save up energy consumption and eventually result in lower electricity bills.

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