Aludecor Launches Students’ Programme for the First Time in India

//Aludecor Launches Students’ Programme for the First Time in India

Aludecor Launches Students’ Programme for the First Time in India

Aludecor Verv, a programme for architecture students across India, was launched on 20 November with an info session for the 3rd year B.Arch students of Jadavpur University in Kolkata. This is the first time that a metal composite material company in India has launched a students’ programme.

Titled, ‘Metal composite materials and their possibilities’, the info session was a riveting one in which the students were introduced to the wide subject of metal composites in an engaging way by Devesh Kumar, the Technical Head of Aludecor. Real life examples from the world awaiting them on the other side of academics, with quite a bit of humour thrown in, made the session enjoyable as well.

There were in-depth insights into the many technical facets of aluminium composite, zinc composite, and copper composite panels. Starting from manufacturing details and quality and test requirements to the different fixing methods along with vital parameters of wind load, panel size et al, the session was exhaustive in the truest sense. An introduction was given to the revolutionary Aludecor Systems which facilitate open groove rainscreen facades.

And it was humour that was used to hammer home important points like the huge responsibilities of an architect in ensuring that the façade is technically sound, apart from being beautiful. The presentation was followed by a live fixing demo in which the students were shown the multiple ways the aluminium composite panel can be shaped into exciting designs.

According to Mainak Ghosh, Associate Professor in the department of architecture in JU, it was a ‘wonderful experience’ for the students as well as, the faculty. Occasions like these, Mainak said, ‘are a beautiful exposure for the students as well as, the faculty members to get an understanding of what goes behind what we design or what we study or what we teach’. The institute also get deeper insights into the material, ‘the technical aspects of it and the thought which has gone behind in designing it to make our society better, to have a better-civilized world, and to cater to our needs in a better manner.’

The occasion was also used to launch Aludecor Verv Mastermind, a design contest meant for students in which they have been asked to design a building of certain height, capable to withstand a given wind load.

Under the banner of Aludecor Verv, the company looks to spread its wings across the country, engaging with premier architecture schools in myriads of ways, besides info sessions and contests.

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