Aludecor launches India’s First A2 Grade Fire Retardant ACP Sheet on its Foundation Day

//Aludecor launches India’s First A2 Grade Fire Retardant ACP Sheet on its Foundation Day

Aludecor launches India’s First A2 Grade Fire Retardant ACP Sheet on its Foundation Day

The CMD of Aludecor, Ashok Kumar Bhaiya went live on Facebook on 23 July to commemorate the company’s foundation day and announced the launch of India’s first A2 grade fire retardant aluminium composite panel. A2 is the highest available grade of fire-retardant ACP in the world made with more than 90% inorganic mineral content.

The A2 classification of the fire-retardant ACP is of huge significance for 15m or higher buildings. It can effectively protect buildings from fire casualty as it releases a negligible amount of heat and doesn’t contribute to flame spread at all. No toxic gases or smoke and flaming droplets are produced. Speaking on the ‘Ask the Leader’ live programme on Facebook, Bhaiya said, ‘High usage of Aludecor’s A2 grade FR ACP in a building means negligible damage to property, hassle-free evacuation, and zero chance of casualty.’ Talking to Rekha Sarda, AVP – HR & Communication of the company, the CMD discussed various other topics.

Besides stating the vision of becoming “the global innovative architectural products manufacturing company” he also mentioned that Aludecor will definitely emerge as a nickname for ACP in India in the near future. The company’s growth story in India is no less than a dream run so far. Bhaiya proudly stated that, ‘it is the quality of our products and the culture of innovation in the organization, be it in the product finishes or technology, that differentiates us from others.”

A company that produces out and out made-in-India products, Aludecor has a complete control over quality. The in-house facility for manufacturing and testing the fire retardant products have made Aludecor the most trusted ACP manufacturer in India.

Aludecor’s glorious journey of 14 years has reaped the benefits of innovation, coming up with the widest range of unique ACP products. The company has also introduced Aludecor Systems, a revolutionary fixing technology for ACP sheets.  ‘We expect, 5 years down the line, the product will only grow in demand exponentially. More and more international architectural firms will set shop in our country. This will increase the standard of the facades, signage, etc., and ACP will be used more and more to its extraordinary potential, said Bhaiya

With an inspiring message of “aim higher and dare to dream” the live session was wrapped up. Apart from this, a Go-to-Market activity was organised by Team Aludecor to thank and appreciate the Channel Partners of the company who’s been an outstanding support throughout its journey.

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