5 Reasons to Use Aludecor Pre-painted Sheets

//5 Reasons to Use Aludecor Pre-painted Sheets

5 Reasons to Use Aludecor Pre-painted Sheets

The coil coating method under controlled conditions not only enhances the quality of paint finish but also brings the cost down. Moreover, the finish also imparts the flexibility to the sheet so that it can pass through the testing conditions during forming, handling, fabrication, and installation.

By adhering to various aspects like aging and weathering appearance, to name a few, the particular paint finish gets a warm acceptance from the end-users. The paint finish which results in better adhesion and higher longevity definitely scores high in the performance test.

Aludecor’s Double Coat Double Bake Line

The paint consists of 3 main components – pigment, binder resins and solvent. Various coating systems, with different performance levels, are available at different costs. The resin type is the deciding factor for paints. Commonly heard terms like fluorocarbon, epoxy, acrylic, polyester and urethane are associated with resins. These resins, a mix of a number of elements, actually play a pivotal role in imparting the mechanical properties to the paint finish and ease the process of product bending during fabrication. The presence of resins helps retaining the gloss as well as resisting scratches, abrasion and dirt deposition on the coil. The features mentioned above are a resultant of an optimum balance of flexibility and hardness which in turn lead to a better product.

The expansion in the metal particles makes the paint lose its luster prematurely. The third coat, which is generally the clear coat, helps in maintaining the size of the metal particles in the paint and thus contributes to retaining the glossiness of the paint for a longer period of time in comparison to the two-coat system.

Aesthetics, efficiency, convenience, and durability are the four crucial parameters behind selecting the coil coating technique.

Aludecor Mineral Core Production Unit

The Environmental Friendly Pre-painted Surface of Aludecor ACP Sheets

Pre-painted aluminium surfaces can be recycled without any deterioration in quality. This virtue is absent in other building materials like brick, cement, and wood. The performance graph falls drastically in the case of non-metallic surfaces after recycling, in terms of longevity, aesthetics, and robustness.

  1. Double Coat Double Bake Line: Aludecor is capable of offering single coat, two-coat, and three-coat coil coating processes through its double coat double bake line. The two-coat process is done generally for all PVDF paints. Three-coat facilitates maintaining the glossiness of metallic paints.
  2. Innovation: We, at Aludecor, have always tried to stay updated with the latest information on the usage of the apt coil coating technology that will eventually help our clientele in the long run. New technologies are being introduced in the coil coating process of Aludecor to maintain colour consistency across batches/panels.
  3. 98% VOC Capture: During the coil coating, the curing ovens burn the harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are detrimental to human health and the environment. This is an energy-saving process where the combustion product can be used as fuel. No pollutant will be produced during the entire process. The coil coating technique has the potential to capture almost 98% of VOCs.
  4. Abiding by the EPA Standards: Our coil coating unit is equipped with the latest technology to meet the stringent parameters laid by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  5. Recyclable Product: All Aludecor final products adhere to green norms. The pre-painted aluminium sheets are fully recyclable.

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