Aludecor Systems – The Messiah of Heat Insulation and Green Building Practices

//Aludecor Systems – The Messiah of Heat Insulation and Green Building Practices

Aludecor Systems – The Messiah of Heat Insulation and Green Building Practices

The increasing rate of green house gas emission has remained a top-notch concern for environmentalists and green building practitioners who thrive to reduce carbon footprints and counteract the adversities of environmental degradation. Several smart green ideas are being generated and implemented every day in both the rural and urban spaces, and the emerging trend of such activities tend to encourage solutions that are energy efficient. Thus, architects today are providing  energy-efficient building solutions and are getting prone towards installing Rain Screens, Ventilated Facades or Double skin Facades.

Advantages of MFR systems

What are Rain Screens or Ventilated Facades?

Rain Screens are the ideal choice when it comes to protecting buildings from weathering. Rain Screens protect buildings from water beating and

other combined actions of rain and wind by keeping the exteriors of the building dry.  Rain Screens usually cover facades of any building and additionally creates air chambers that are situated between the cladding and the external wall. By installing a Rain Screen, architects and property owners tick all the right boxes. Rain Screens are able to facilitate ecologically advanced solutions like thermal insulation, soundproofing, efficient fire protection while also having an extended shelf life and cost-efficiency. When clad with Aluminium composite Panel sheets, Rain Screens become all the more alluring, often also portraying excellent fire retardant properties.

Male Female Rainscreen System

Rain Screens or ventilated facades mostly consist of two layers of facades that are separated by a fully functional air cavity. The air cavity acts as a barrier for the rainwater from penetrating the exteriors of the building and diffuses water vapour towards the outside direction. The two layers of facades may act as a guard towards the effects of wind and rain but it is the air cavity at the back which provides the maximum benefit. The temperature difference between the face of the cladding panel and the air cavity situated at the back plays an important role to create variations in air density which encourages stack effect. The air density lets air flow to rise upwards transporting heat from the cavity and drying out residual moisture through high-level exhausts.

At Aludecor- India’s most talked-about ACP company, we understand the art of Rain Screen installation. Our team of Fabrication experts thus have pioneered the Male Female Rain Screen Systems which not only allows smooth installation but also guarantees energy efficiency at its best.

Aludecor’s Male Female Rain Screen Systems are the first choice of eminent architectures because:

  1. Aludecor’s Male Female Rain Screen Systems allow all the ACPs to be removed and replaced independently with minimum disruption.
  2. Aludecor’s Male Female Rain Screen Systems ensure cost-effective, fast and hassle-free installation.
  3. Aludecor’s Male Female Rain Screen Systems can be fixed to all kind of substructures. It can be used to clad a newly constructed building or can be used to refurbish an old one.
  4. Aludecor’s Male Female Rain Screen Systems provide horizontal joints that are the same colour as the panel.
  5. Aludecor’s Male Female Rain Screen Systems uses premium Aludecor ACPs that can be laid in many ways thus providing design freedom.
  6. Aludecor’s Male Female Rain Screen Systems feature variable joint widths and also provides wind load calculations for added assistance.

Male Female Rainscreen Profiles

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