Aludecor ACP Clads India’s First Solar Powered Ferry

//Aludecor ACP Clads India’s First Solar Powered Ferry

Aludecor ACP Clads India’s First Solar Powered Ferry

Indian Architecture has hugely evolved over the years and ACPs have played a significant role in it. ACPs have been used for a myriad of applications and have made buildings beautiful, inside and out. In recent years, ACPs have grown out of its traditional usage in buildings and are being increasingly experimented with. A prominent example is Aditya, India’s First Solar Boat operating between Vaikkom and Thavanakkadavu in Kerala.

Aludecor ACPs have been used in both interiors and exteriors of the solar boat. Since ACPs have a host of advantages over other materials. Being lightweight and durable, it was the first choice while cladding the boat. “ACPs already have a good finish and there was no need to paint. It imparts good-look and we could not have compromised with the weight. So, ACP was automatically our first choice for Aditya”, says Mr. Sandith Thandasherry, MD, Navalt Solar & Electric Boats, Pvt Ltd.

A catamaran boat, Aditya conforms to much higher safety standards. Aditya and annual operation cost is also quite low. Annual operation cost of Aditya is Rs 60000 whereas that of a diesel boat is 24 lakhs. “Very soon, more solar boats will be made and will eventually replace the diesel ones”, observes Mr. Thandasherry.

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