Architecture Which Are Redefining Cities

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Over the last few decades, cities are getting dramatically transformed by futuristic architecture. These architecture are ergonomically designed, adhering to different stylistic choices and making convenient use of spaces available, thus changing cityscapes into a more modern canvas. This brings us to some of the most notable architecture which have been transforming our world. La [...]

Living beautifully with Aludecor Products

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Every room has a story to tell. A beautifully done room does not only speak of the house but also the tastes, preferences and the likings of the ones living in it. Let’s see a few examples of how Aludecor ACP sheets along with other elements can be used to help us live beautifully. Let us [...]

Modern Day Usage of Aluminium Composite Panels

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We often come across a lot of objects in our surrounding. Whether we travel or not, we see different kinds of vehicles, like Bus, Automobiles, Vans, Metro Rails and things alike, regularly. But do we ever think about the material it is made up of? Well, most of us tend to ignore it. [...]

Copper In Design and Architecture

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Copper in architecture has always been a popular choice because of its transforming yet everlasting beauty. To aggrandize the exterior of a building or a structure, architects have preferred copper since ancient times. Iconic structures like churches, museums, government buildings and libraries around the world have mostly chosen copper as their roofing or façade material. Copper [...]

Smart, Innovative Architectural Designs for Schools

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While discussing the future of facades or innovative architecture, many of us tend to think mostly about IT Parks or large-scale projects designed by using smart techniques and new-age materials. However, least do we concentrate on the common day-to-day structures that could also be designed uniquely. For example, schools. We can certainly look beyond multi-story [...]

Principles of Vastu Shastra, Colours and ACPs

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Home is where your heart lies. Reciprocating this familiar phrase, all of us love to design our home in the best way possible. With increasing modernization, we are moving towards new and fresh ideas coupled with brand new concepts. The simplistic approach of keeping it classic is considered to be boring nowadays. The concept [...]

Evolution of Signage and Role of ACP Sheet in it

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The evolution of signage in India is a curious mix of artificially imposed Western ideas along with our traditional reconnect of preferring conversations to signs. To be precise, we don’t look for information, we prefer a verbal phenomenon. Hence, signage in India is given the last priority while working on any project. The sign makers find [...]

Stretch your imagination with Aludecor Aluminium Composite Panel

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A beautiful façade plays an important role in the overall appearance of a building. With the help of modern technology façade designs are evolving day by day. Technology today enables even better utilization of the flexibility of aluminium composite panels to give birth to amazing façade designs. The Fins: The various advantages that ACPs have over [...]

Understanding Tiles and Aluminium Composite Panels as Interior Material

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Knowing all the pros and cons of materials helps us to make a better choice for our interior decorations. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the more used, Tiles and the one that is catching on, Aluminium Composite Panels. Tiles Tiles can be of various types like ceramics, porcelain, marble etc. However, [...]

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