Principles of Vastu Shastra, Colours and ACPs

//Principles of Vastu Shastra, Colours and ACPs

Principles of Vastu Shastra, Colours and ACPs

Home is where your heart lies.

Reciprocating this familiar phrase, all of us love to design our home in the best way possible. With increasing modernization, we are moving towards new and fresh ideas coupled with brand new concepts. The simplistic approach of keeping it classic is considered to be boring nowadays.

The concept of interior decoration is coming out of the closet and people are getting attracted to unique ideas to add a luxurious and sophisticated touch to their place, including colour, architecture, carving etc.

The colour of a house
affects the mood of its occupants the most.

Incorporating the best concept and design in our house sometimes doesn’t help. We face several issues related to our stay that leads to discomfort and irritation at the place. This happens when the house is not in sync with the proper direction, placement and colour. This is when Vastu Shastra comes into play.

Vastu Shastra is considered to be the ancient and sacred science of architecture which defies negativity and enhances positive energies in and around people and place. This science got neglected and received negligible attention over centuries. However, it is considered as one of the main aspects of the modern-day interior designing.

Why is Vastu so important for your home?

  1. It ensures a harmonious and prosperous living.
  2. It eliminates the negative energies.
  3. It brings good fortune and wealth.

Principle areas of Vastu for interior decoration:

  1. House zones
  2. Kitchen interiors
  3. Curtains used
  4. Mirrors used
  5. Ceiling
  6. Lighting used
  7. Colour scheme of the house

According to one of the principles of Vastu Shastra, the colour of a house affects the mood of its occupants the most. From cheerful to sad, anxious to confident, different colours have different influence, such as:


Red is the colour of attraction, love, romance and sex. The hue of this colour builds a strong desire for opposite sex. Along with red, Vastu Shastra considers pink as a romantic shade.


Principles of Vastu suggest that the shades of white are cool and can brighten up your room. White is the colour that opposes negativity and compliments the personalities of every resident. So, use white to create serenity in your bedroom and live in peace.


As per Vastu Shastra, green is the best-suited colour for children’s bedroom. Green is the colour of Mercury, the ruling planet of knowledge and learning. This colour allows people to reduce anger and adapt to new surroundings.


Most favourable colour for the bedroom of the elderly people in the house is brown. Vastu Shastra defines brown as the colour of earth, symbolizing stability. It stimulates the feeling of happiness, solidity and satisfaction.


Vastu Shastra suggests yellow signifies positivity and intelligence. It is recommended for the bedroom of the students and young professionals. Its hues increase mental ability and bring in joyful thoughts. Yellow or Gold is the colour of self-esteem.

Though we associate these ACP sheets with hard-core commercial spaces, however with the creative innovation of Aludecor (the biggest ACP sheet manufacturer in India), ACP sheets now can be associated with the residential spaces.

Using regular paints in our house can cause several issues. The lead in the paint might result in several health issues like the respiratory problem, skin issues, and more. Besides this, poor or inadequate coating might incur additional maintenance cost every year. The smart solution to this issue is the usage of ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel).

How Aludecor ACP sheets can beautify your home interiors?

  1. They can enhance the beauty of the interiors giving them a unique look.
  2. Aludecor ACP sheets come in a wide variety of colour shades.
  3. Paints used in Aludecor ACP sheets are lead-free that prevents health issues.
  4. The ACP sheets are long lasting that’ll prevent the maintenance cost.

Create Vastu-recommended, excellent design for your interiors with Aludecor ACP sheets. As per the Vastu recommendation, you can choose the appropriate colour that’ll brighten up your room.

The influence of colours can increase based on which direction the room is situated. If you are willing to design your room all alone, this tips can definitely help you create a Vastu-oriented superior interior. Prefer using the following colours for the particular directions:

  1. White – for North-West facing rooms
  2. Green – for North facing rooms
  3. Grey – for West facing rooms
  4. Red/Pink – for South-East facing rooms
  5. Yellow/Gold – for North-East facing rooms

So, go ahead and let your imagination build the cosiest nest with versatile ACP sheets of Aludecor. Set your design trend today!

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