Geometric Patterned Facades with Aludecor ACP Sheets

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Geometric Patterned Facades with Aludecor ACP Sheets

Geometric patterns on facades can be striking. If used in a properly balanced manner, they can be visually effective and highly flexible as well. Using these patterns can bring any building to life while adding style and elegance to it. Metal Composite Panels can be effectively used to make these geometrically shaped facades. Let’s have a look at a few geometric forms that can be easily attained using Aludecor’s Aluminium Composite Panels.

Asymmetrical and Curve Facades

The asymmetrical lines and curves on this facade have given it an extraordinary look, and have made the building clearly stand out from its surroundings. We have shown here the application of Milky White ACP of Aludecor (AD-202), which has given the facade a simple yet sophisticated character. #FutureFacades

Geometric Tile Pattern in Interior with ACP

What if we tried out the classic geometric tile pattern through the wall panelling with an array of Aludecor colours to achieve a contemporary character? We have done just that in this image! Keeping Olive Grey of Aludecor’s Rustic Series (MT-5005) in the middle, we have arranged different colours from Aludecor’s Regular Series around it: Copper (AD-06), Metallic Blue (AD-08), Traffic Yellow (AD-61), Milky White (AD-202) and Cream (AD-503). The less number of furniture gives the room a minimalist look. The earthy shades of the furniture add a kind of warmth to space. #LivingBeautifully

Wooden Textured façade in an Asymmetrical building

The wooden charm of this house is achieved with Classico Pine (TR-46) of Aludecor’s Timber Series. Emerald (SD-6015) of Aludecor’s Sand Series below gives the house an inviting appeal. #LivingBeautifully.

Rectangular Column cladded with 3D patterned ACP Sheets

The only 3D finish ACP in India, Aludecor’s Cortina, can be used to highlight certain areas of space, and give it a distinct character. The columns here have been cladded with Metallic Black (CT-10) of Cortina Series.

Metal Composite Panels can be used on all forms of buildings, be it high rise commercial or on the interiors of a building or a bungalow. In fact, some of the features of ACPs like the unmatched flatness, seamless finish, lightweight and low crack risk makes the building look stupendous and eye-catchy when applied on the façade. Moreover, the 3D look of the façade can be easily achieved adhering to the flexibility of ACP sheets.

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