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Benefits of Using Aludecor Copper Composite Panel

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Copper has been linked to the architecture of all types of structures since yesteryears. One of the prominent examples of copper-cladding architecture is the massive doors to the temple of Amun-Re at Karnak in Egypt. Even, the 162-feet-tall, 9-storeyed Loha Maha Paya temple of Sri Lanka was built with copper roof shingles in the 3rd [...]

The Adorner: On ACP and Healthcare Design

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#ArchiSpeak Based out of Delhi and Hong Kong, Creative Designer is a two-decade-old architectural firm which is known to create benchmarks in healthcare designs.On the evolved healthcare designFrom a place where people used to go just to get treated, healthcare has evolved over the years into a place where people go to get benefitted in [...]

5 Reasons to Use Aludecor Pre-painted Sheets

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The coil coating method under controlled conditions not only enhances the quality of paint finish but also brings the cost down. Moreover, the finish also imparts the flexibility to the sheet so that it can pass through the testing conditions during forming, handling, fabrication, and installation. By adhering to various aspects like aging and weathering [...]

The Adorner: A Project Needs to Tell a Story

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#ArchiSpeak Mr. Bobby Mukherji, Principal Architect, Bobby Mukherji & Associates On the fusion between classic and contemporary elements in the design Especially in a hospitality project where one has to create something that appeals to people of different age groups, cultural backgrounds and countries, both the classic and the contemporary elements [...]

How to Get the Best Out of Zinc Composite Panels (Z-A)

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The timeless beauty of zinc as a cladding material has always fascinated the architectural firmament across the globe, driving it to give the world many amazing buildings with zinc facades. Introduction of Zinc Composite Panel (Z-A) - which is more cost-efficient and has some technical advantages too - has further encouraged the industry to explore [...]

Principles of Vastu Shastra, Colours and ACPs

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Home is where your heart lies. Reciprocating this familiar phrase, all of us love to design our home in the best way possible. With increasing modernization, we are moving towards new and fresh ideas coupled with brand new concepts. The simplistic approach of keeping it classic is considered to be boring nowadays. The concept [...]

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